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 A new Data Encryption Site on the Internet

www.data-encryption.info is intended as a central resource for the data encryption field.
For now, the site is devided into two parts: the ArxJava part and the part to links.
More parts will follow in the near future.
ArxJava part is the home of the data encryption program ArxJava. ArxJava is written in JAVA and free availbale.
The last part is a collection of
links to friends of this site. Please take a look at this page too and visit the corresponding sites.

The date format used on these pages is: dd.mm.yyyy.

This site is subject to continuing progress.

My name is Jürgen Abel and I am the author of this site.
If you have any comments, suggestions or find a broken link in my site please let me know and send your e-mail to
juergen.abel" a t "data-encryption.info (replace "at/@").
Your feedback is appreciated!
If you like, you can take a peek at my homepage too.

Thank you very much for visiting my page.
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